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Sacred Heart Bolo Slider Necklace

Sacred Heart Bolo Slider Necklace


These two-of-a-kind bolo ties feature hand-tooled and hand-cut leather Sacred Hearts mounted on delicate gold plated vintage bolo sliders. I purchased four of these gold hammered-finish bolo slides on an online auction. These two were in the best condition, however, they do have a few signs of age around the edges but that just adds character, in my opinion. While there may be two of these bolos, they are not identical because of the handmade process. I freehand drew the tiny Sacred Hearts directly onto the Vegetable-tanned leather before tooling, painting, antiquing, and cutting them. One heart is slightly larger (Left) while the other heart has a bit more glitter in the flames (Right). There will never be another set like this. You will receive the bolo tie you select as seen in these pictures. You can get one for yourself or buy both to make your love happy too. 

The bolo piece is approximately 1” tall by 3/4" wide. The hardware is "gold plated" but I am not actually sure if it is real gold but that was in the original product description. The leather cord is durable black latigo leather. The bolo hardware hugs the leather and does not lock on the back so it freely slides up and down. The tips are gold-tone nickle-free and almost 1.5" long. 


Have any questions? Looking for something similar? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -Josie

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  • Materials:

    Vegetable Tanned Leather, Water-Based Paint, Latigo Lace, Metal Hardware, Permanent Adhesive. 

  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted but please contact us if you have an issue with your order. 

    Depending on your situation, we may be able to arrange for an exchange. Let's talk about what you have in mind. We are happy to answer any questions.

  • Shipping Info:

    Shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Domestic Free Shipping included.

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